Author: Kari

June 12, 2019

Watch this Video for a demonstration on how to measure your stoma for proper placement of the AMT Mini One Balloon Button.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Remove the existing feeding tube and set it aside for later if necessary
  3. Insert the AMT Stoma Measuring Device into the stoma, making sure the device goes slightly further into the stomach
  4. Inflate the Stoma Measuring Device using the supplied syringe with 5 ml of air.
  5. Tug slightly on the Stoma Measuring Device to ensure that the balloon is snug against the stomach wall
  6. Slide the blue indicator down until it is against the skin around the stoma
  7. Deflate the Stoma Measuring Device using the syringe that was supplied
  8. Remove the Stoma Measuring Device.  The Stoma length will be indicated at the bottom of the blue indicator.

April 24, 2019

Retinal Surgery Recovery System

Are you recovering from Retinal Surgery? Has your doctor recommended staying face down?

We have just the product to help you. An Eye Recovery System is designed to provide body alignment and promote healing while reducing stress on the neck, shoulders and lower back.

The system consists of a

Head and Face Cradle - can be separated and used on a desk or table top, and provides a generous breathing channel
Body wedge - reduces back and neck stress, provides comfort and support to allow sleep
Ankle roll for proper leg alignment


The complete system can be used on the bed or floor.

Terry cloth Head and Face Cradle slip covers can be purchased and used for extra infection control.

Contact us at MeleKare for more information.

April 11, 2019

What to do if your Kangaroo Connect Feeding pump giving you an Error Code 70.

There are 2 sensors on the pump that if there is any amount of dust or debris will cause the pump to stop working and give an Error Code of 70. One thing to try before calling to get your pump replaced or repaired is to take a damp q-tip and wipe down the sensors. The location of the sensors is shown in the picture.

If you are still having trouble getting your Kangaroo Connect Pump to work properly, please do not hesitate to contact us at MeleKare (519)-518-6353 or toll free (855) 875-6353.

June 23, 2017

The iWalk 2.0 is a hands free, pain free knee crutch that allows you to easily get back on your feet after your injury.  

  • Go up and down stairs.  
  • Walk the dog. 
  • Work in your kitchen
  • Carry your coffee cup
  • Push a shopping cart

Get your Life Back!  End the pain and inconvenience of crutches or knee scooters.  

Call MeleKare (519-518-6353) for more information.


June 22, 2017

Lifestyle Dressing Essentials by Drive Medical

Make life easier with Lifestyle Dressing Essentials by Drive.

  • Button pullers,
  • Elastic or curly shoe laces,
  • Stocking aids,
  • Shoehorns
  • Long handled brushes and combs
  • Reachers
  • Eye dropper guides

If you can wonder if there is a product to help you live your life with pain free independence, then you need to contact MeleKare.  Call or text 519-518-6353 or email

June 20, 2017

The Kangaroo Connect Feeding pump is the newest pump available today.  Made by industry leader Medtronic, the Kangaroo Connect boasts 

Best-In-Class Pump Operation

  • Waterproof to industry standard IP26 (IPX6) for easy cleaning
  • Simple on-site recertification
  • US-only power cord
  • Most accurate Kangaroo™ pump
  • Alarm management system
  • Designed for thicker formula

Patient-Friendly Design

  • Compact and robust design
  • Intuitive troubleshooting screens
  • Future upgrade capabilities 
  • Clip-in easy cassette loading
  • Portable easy release pole clamp
  • Notifications on full color screen

***  Backpack with tabletop stand  also available

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